VR business in education: principles of work and owners' feedback

Education of the future in virtual reality
New technologies and education are one of the most popular areas for business. But still people are sure that virtual reality is not capable of something more than quest rooms and arcades in shopping centers. The game industry is oversaturated, and more and more educational programs aimed at learning in the VR format are being developed. In this article we will tell you about our business idea, successfully implemented in 36 regions of Russia and 17 countries.
Virtual Planetarium
Our product is a step forward, it is unique and useful, not comparable with the usual entertainment content. We have digitized a real professional planetarium and put it into virtual reality. Virtual planetarium brings education to a new level, inaccessible to students before. We believe that quality education, that uses new technologies, should be available to all, even children from the most remote regions of our country. That's why we sell the franchise, spreading the education of the future around the world.

Already 36 partners across Russia share our views and work with us. They communicate with schools, organize mass Virtual Planetarium sessions and awaken in children the interest in knowledge, which is so difficult to get, learning from boring textbooks.
The business idea itself is very simple, it does not require much preparation and is able to make a profit in the first month of work.
Your manager contacts the school representative and arranges a trial session.
During the trial session, the representative realizes the advantages of such education — increased interest in the subject, visibility, use of new technologies — and agrees to conduct a mass session.
The operator comes to school with a set of VR headsets, introduces children to it and begins the show.
After the show, the operator collects revenue, takes the equipment and goes to another school for the next show.
The geography of the Virtual planetarium is not limited by Russia. Latvia, Iraq, India, Bolivia, Pakistan — our partners are successfully working in all these countries, and their number is increasing every month.
Wide area for business

But don't get hung up on schools — the format of virtual reality and wide catalog of films allows you to organize sessions in shopping centers, language schools, summer camps and even hotels! Your target audience is not only children, because the films created by the world studios will be interesting and useful for adults as well.
Synchronous education

Synchronous session is one of the main advantages of such business. The whole class puts on VR glasses, and the movie runs simultaneously on all devices, and the sound comes from the speakers. Everything is based on the purchase of a ticket: one child — one ticket. In one session, Virtual Planetarium can serve a maximum of 30 people. The session takes half an hour or an hour. Daily revenue depends only on you.

You can start with a set of 10 headsets, and once you get acquainted with this business, you can easily buy the right amount of additional headsets to increase the number of visitors of Virtual Planetarium.
2019 is today, the future is here already. Every sphere of our life is improving. And our goal is to bring education to a whole new level, in which the perception and assimilation of new information will reach 100%. The format of virtual reality, of course, only contributes to this. The full immersion effect allows you to capture the child's attention and hold it on the subject throughout the VR lesson. And most importantly — coming home, a child full of new experiences, he will be drawn to the study of the new. With VR, children see old objects in a new way: the structure of chemical elements ceases to be so terrible and incomprehensible, and historical dates are easier to remember if the story about them is accompanied by a colorful visualization of events.

Education can be visual and beautiful — this is what we prove together with the Virtual planetarium.
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