From dome to VR: the story of our latvian partner

Brief article-case about the work of Science VR Cinema in Latvia
Starting a business is always scary: uncertainty, costs, the result is not always guaranteed. We decided to help you get rid of fears of the new and asked our Latvian partners, Pavel and Nikita, about how they came to the idea of opening their own business in the field of children's education and how they build their work with schools.
Virtual planetarium in Latvia
The history of the development of a successful business
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Pavel found out about us in 2014. Then he came across an article by Forbes about the CEO of Altair Digital. The article describes the case of development of our company, which in a short time has grown into the largest player in the market of mobile planetariums.

Before reading this article, Pavel had no idea what a Virtual Planetarium is, how it works and how to do business with it. He was very interested in the case of combining virtual reality and additional education: such a business seemed to him more modern and technological, he saw it as an excellent opportunity for development.
Virtual reality and VR in education is a developing sphere, already at the moment we gain interest from companies, which work with VR and VR software from around the world. For many children, especially in small towns and villages, VR is something completely new, and we are the ones who open this technological progress to them.
Pavel Frolov, Science Cinema VR partner in Latvia
In November 2018 he bought the Science Cinema VR software. From that moment Pavel works all over Latvia and plans to move to neighboring countries — Estonia and Lithuania.

The scheme of his work is simple: after establishing contact with the school or training center, he conducts a presentation of the product and a trial show. If the school principals agree, the date of the session is set and the approximate number of spectators is determined. The price of a standard ticket is 3 euros. Given the fact that his mobile planetarium housed 30 people, after the transition to a Virtual Planetarium sales and service speed of children increased — now it was not necessary to constantly assemble and disassemble the complex frame and the dome of the inflatable planetarium.
Science Cinema VR is a new business format that combines modern technology and education. High mobility and a small amount of equipment blur all boundaries — this business can be done in any city with a population of 50,000 people.
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