Science Cinema VR
Distribution Program
Thanks for you interest to our distribution program. LCC "Altair Digital" is recruiting distributors in every country. You can find all conditions and details on this website. Feel free to contact us via email
if you still have any questions.
Two types of distribution
We do not limit a number of general distributors in one territory. That means you will be working with another distributors in your city or country.
You can become the only one distributor who will be selling product in your city or country. All clients are yours. Contact us if you are interested.
How it works
Leave an application
Fill the form and set up a suitable time for a Skype call with our top manager.
Purchase a license
Purchase a 1-year license of Science Cinema VR to have a possibility to demonstrate the product to your potential customers. The prices are listed below.
Complete training course
Get an access to our training platform with all theoretical material which will help you to start selling.
Getting an official certificate
After completing the training course you will get an official certificate which will allow you to start working with our team.
Marketing Support
After getting the distributor's certificate you will get the whole package of marketing materials which includes: commercial offers, business card, AR posters, and flyers. Every distributor can create his own website with Science Cinema VR official logo. Distributors are not allowed to damage the reputation of the brand by creating spam mailing and using other methods that could create a negative attitude to the brand in their country.
Two ways of earning money
Selling software
Make profit by selling only software using your personal affiliate code. Your client pays the full price and you get your 20% commission.
Multi-service selling
Make profit by selling a full-packed copy of Science Cinema VR: both software and equipment. You can also provide the technical support and get an additional income.
For customers
For distributors
You earn
1-year license for 10 devices
2990 €
2392 €
598 €
1-year license for 20 devices
3990 €
3192 €
798 €
1-year license for 30 devices
5990 €
1198 €
Who are your clients?
Every entrepreneur who is interesting in opening a perspective type of business related to kids' education and new technologies. Schools, colleges, summer camps, foreign languages schools, homework clubs, robotic technology schools, kids centers, museums, hotels, exhibitions, amusement parks, shopping malls, public beaches, VR quests and games, event agencies, planetariums, libraries and many more.

You can provide your clients with a 5% discount.
Fill the form to apply for participation in Science Cinema VR distribution program
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