How to start a mobile business with VR Planetarium

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Starting your own business is always frustrating. You have to keep in mind many things from figuring out all the business processes between you and your client to hiring employees. But doing all these things step by step cannot guarantee you a desirable profit. In fact, any successful business revolves around the basic idea which will trigger potential clients. The good product is what you need first.
In fact, any successful business revolves around the basic idea which will trigger potential clients.
This is the principle we thought about while creating a brand-new instrument which may help you to start a business in the sphere of supplementary education. It is called Virtual Planetarium and this is a professional planetarium in virtual reality. We show students fulldome films in VR headsets synchronously. It solves several problems of potential clients: it helps kids to study science and enhances their motivation to the learning process. The target audience is renewed every year at schools.
There is no limitation in the work with VR Planetarium. We give you an instrument: the software which works with the different number of VR devices and then you start your business as you prefer. Nowadays, schools actively use the services of external organizations such as chemical shows, robotics, theaters and etc. We offer the product in the edutainment industry which combines the educational purposes with the new technologies.
Mobile Business Idea
    The mobile business with VR Planetarium means you can visit schools, kindergartens and other organizations where you can find your target audience. You can organize a session of Virtual Planetarium by demonstrating scientific films to a group of people at the same time. You set the price of the session yourself considering the characteristics of the area you work in.

    The mechanism of business is simple. You can earn money by offering teachers and parents the additional lessons to kids in the virtual reality format. There is no need to require a specially equipped room. You just launch the film synchronously for the class by clicking one button on iPad. The sound goes from the sound system for the audience.

      It is a new step in the industry. VR as one of the symbols of modernity is gradually spreading beyond the game space to make a step to something more significant. The technology already lets not only spend time playing a very exciting game but also to assimilate information in a new way. That is why many organizations such as schools, museums, camps, and others are interested in cooperation with us.

      According to statistics, 60 million people visit planetarium every year. Students do not leave the classroom now to see the planets and stars. You can show them things they cannot see.

      VR is about feelings. Sometimes it can't be put into words. That's why we offer you to try a free 14-days trial where you can watch three scietific films in VR headset. The software works with Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.

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