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How much does the license cost? Who did create this?
How to purchase it?
The first planetariums used to show their audience a celestial sphere with stars, planets, comets, meteorites, the views of the Moon, Mars, Venus, and the climatic belts of the globe. But the time passed and the technology had been improved a lot. Let us describe how the system of content production and distribution works with planetariums in 2018.
Fulldome film or program is a scientific film created for a demonstration in the planetarium with a dome which covers the whole room.
The movie is projected on a dome with a 360-degree vision creating the effect of the full immersion. In VR Planetarium we have digitalized the real dome of planetarium and started to demonstrate people these videos in the VR headsets. There a lot of foreign studios from the US, Spain, Germany, India, Australia, Great Britain, and Korea which produce the films for planetarium on different topics.
Studios we cooperate with

VR Planetarium cooperates with most of the studios located in different countries such as Aayushi fulldome films, ESO, Mad Division, ZEISS, Ilusa Media, Metaspace and many others. Sometime planetariums create content themselves. In the catalog, you can find the movies created by Adler Planetarium (the US), BRNO Planetarium (Germany) and others. Some studios produce content on the several languages so it will be easy for VR Planetarium owners to launch their business.
Wide range of films

All movies we offer for demonstration have one thing in common. All of them are educational. It covers such disciplines as astronomy, natural science, and art. It is easy to integrate the session in a school lesson. 17 of them are free to use. The others need to be paid. All films from the catalog are available in English. We keep finding new studios and adding new movies every month. If you have content that can be adapted to fulldome format, please contact us too.
Type of the licenses

Years ago the entrepreneurs working with inflatable planetariums had to purchase an expensive annual license to have a right of demonstration the fulldome content to children. The situation changed when our team created VR Planetarium software and our partners started their work. We have realized quickly that we had to develop a system for more profitable job which lets partners choose a number of displays they need to work with schools. So now our partners can buy the different packages that include 30, 50 and 100 display with the price from $3 per one session and do their job with kids.
Science Cinema VR Catalog

There are more than 35 fulldome films available in VR Planetarium software catalog now. This number will grow in a few months. You can watch three of them for free in our demo version: "Seeing!", "Phantom of the Universe", and "The Incredible Sun". Leave your email and we will send you a guide on how to install it.