«I would choose this franchise again» — Science Cinema VR in Miass
12.07.2019 | Mark Zhevnerchuk
High school students during Science Cinema VR session
Development of the network of our partners in Chelyabinsk region
Having started work in a small town of Miass and achieving a large-scale success, Maxim and Evgeny are already making plans to open branches of their network in Yekaterinburg and Ufa. In this article, they will share their impressions of working with Altair Digital, talk about their understanding of our franchise and give a couple of tips to budding entrepreneurs.
— Why did you decide to do business in this area? What gained your interest?
— Any business implies making a profit. Before that, we worked with mobile planetariums. We wanted to do something new. Interaction with new technologies is such an accompanying bonus. This type of activity is not common, we have no competitors at all, at least in Miass. The service itself is interesting, and in our small territory it is generally a top service. Do what you want and make money. We really like the packaging of the franchise, I would choose it again, and would not trust some other people offering me to buy some equipment and make money. To be honest, I would choose to work with Altair VR 10 more times. You have a team that works really hard. To reach your level, I will have to work for a few more years. We don't value money, we value people.
— How are the schools getting in touch? Were there any objections on their part?
— In 90% of cases, there were no objections at all, a couple of times there were problems with upper-level children's centers and gardens, which have too high demands. Now we are developing cool ideas to make it easier to enter the school, it will facilitate the task of manager and operator. We also want to increase the percentage of "return" of children to sessions. In the end, when we succeed, the school will simply not be able to refuse our arrival. I can't say exactly what it will be, but it will be very interesting!
— How mane viewers do you have per month?
— With the exception of test screenings and presentations, then it goes 1500-2000 viewers per month on average. For example, now, in the summer, we shift the focus from schools to other institutions.
— Where do you work except schools?
— We work in many places: summer camps, kindergartens, various educational children's centers. We work with the Fyodor Konyukhov's school of travelers. We avoid cooperation with various shopping centers and festivals where alcohol consumption is supported.
Science Cinema VR does not pass by kindergartens — there is always the most enthusiastic audience!
— How many sets of VR glasses do you use? Do you plan to increase this number?
— We use 30 sets so far. After the purchase of Yekaterinburg territory, we plan to increase this number, we will buy about 60, maybe 90 more.
— How does your process of organizing the show look like today?
— We work according to the same scheme as all other partners, with small changes. The scheme is as follows: phone call, meeting, presentation, agreement and the event itself. We strive to bring this whole process to perfection, as it was done a long time ago by Konstantin Urvantsev (CEO and founder of Altair Digital — SCVR).
— Do you have employees?
— Unfortunately, we do not use employees, so far. We are in the process of finding a sales manager and operator for Miass, it will greatly simplify the business.
— How is the support provided by the franchise owner? What kind of support?
— All the problems that one way or another arose were solved within 10 minutes with the help of Altair VR employees. We would like to express our gratitude to Ekaterina Sudarikova (head of the franchise development department — SCVR), because I think that she is the most operational person in your company. Our team is in love with her, because such managers and executives are really very hard to find.
During the session, the audience is completely immersed in what is happening
— Is there a social side to such a business? How does it affect the level of education of children-viewers?
— Definitely, while organizing the sessions we put the stress on it. Such training programs are really useful. This is so-called learning through playing, gamification.
— Based on your experience, what would you advise those who are just planning to start this business?
— At the start, it is necessary to prepare all the equipment and not to put everything in one bag. Double check all the headsets before the sessions. When there is an update of the app — do not rush to put it on your device, it is better to wait until someone does it first. You need to monitor the market of your territory and do not forget about kindergartens. The gardens are a gold mine.
Work from dusk till dawn and you will have the result. There must be a system. First you work, then others work for you.
Maxim, Science Cinema VR partner
In turn, we must say that working with such hardworking and persistent partners as Maxim and Eugene is a truly pleasure. We thank them for their flattering reviews and look forward to see their new achievements in working with Science Cinema VR!